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 We DO NOT encourage baby sleeping in adult beds or co-sleeping. However, we know that there are times when it may happen. The purpose of the Baby GRASPER is to keep a child from falling off the bed.  Therefore, although Baby GRASPER will ELIMINATE the chances of falling off the bed, it will NOT contribute or reduce the chances of SIDS or other sleep related injuries. 


Baby Grasper Consumer Safety Lab Results


Our Recommendations:

  • We DO NOT recommend baby sleeping on adult beds or co-sleeping.

  • We recommend the use of Baby GRASPER when babies are awake, napping, or sleeping for short periods of time.

  • For the sake of the safety of your child, please use common sense before and during the use of Baby GRASPER.



  • Failure to follow the instructions and all warnings may result in a serious injury or death.

  • Before using the product REVIEW the Baby Safe Sleep Guidelines



  • ADULT INSTALLATION is required.  Use only with fitted sheets and always MAKE SURE the fitted sheet is securely fit to the mattress. A child can pull a loose bed sheet and suffocate or fall off the bed.

  • NEVER use the product and leave the child UNATTENDED.

  • This product should ONLY be used by babies 5 months old up to 2 years old, or when they can roll over comfortably, but no more than 30 lbs.

    DO NOT USE the product with STRETCH SHEETS or worn Fitted Sheets.

  • Do not use the product if any section of the strip/ribbon to the anchor is worn or has tear. Any damage to the product from its original condition can decrease the effectiveness of the product and the child can fall out of the bed.

  • The small hook and loop fasteners MUST always be COMPLETELY fastened with the large hook and loop fasteners. Partially fastened hook and loop fasteners may not be sufficient to hold the child.

  • Do not tumble dry. The heat may shrink parts and the child will be at risk of falling out of the bed.

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