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This is a family owned company  based in Tyler, TX with one goal in mind:

keeping your loved ones from falling off the bed.

In 2016, our first child was born into our family. We had so many questions and concerns from the very beginning as new parents. One major one was, how to keep him from falling off the bed when he would fall asleep in our bedroom and not his crib. Yes, although we knew that there were risks from laying him on our bed there were times that we had to do it for different reasons. As many others I’m sure have learned, it is not as easy as it seems to move a sleeping baby from one bed to another. So, like many before us, we put pillows around the edge of the bed and checked on him frequently to make sure he did not fall off the bed. Unfortunately, this did happen, and we felt like the worst parents in the world and knew we had to create a way that this would not happen to him again and to our future children. So, we created GRASPER.

Baby GRASPER the first product of GRASPER, with a pending patent, it is a unique safety device used to ensure that your child cannot fall off the bed. It simply hooks onto any fitted sheet, of any size bed, and wraps around your child’s waist. Your child has free range of motion to turn, move his/her arms and legs, and even sit up once he/she has woken up. There are no pillows or blankets necessary, which could cause a suffocation risk. It comes in three sizes and it is designed to be used by babies 5 months old up to 2 years old, or when they can roll over comfortably, but no more than 30 lbs. We have always needed something that would give us peace of mind that our baby would not fall off the bed in those minutes that we were walking to and from the room to check on him. The Baby GRASPER gives us just that!
We have worked tirelessly on the design with the help of parents to ensure that our product offers the least restrictive way to help prevent these falls from happening to your loved ones. We hope that you love our product as much as we do!

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