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We know that there are times when we have to lay our babies on an adult bed because it is the only option or just for convenience, and that is why we created Baby GRASPER. The purpose of the Baby GRASPER is to keep a child from falling off the bed. It is designed to be used by babies 5 months old up to 2 years old, or when they can roll over comfortably, but no more than 30 lbs. Your baby will have a full range of motion while sleeping under its limited circumference. It can be used on a full size bed or larger. The Baby GRASPER is small and portable, so you can keep it in your diaper bag. Please watch the video below on how to use the Baby GRASPER and to see how easy it is to keep your baby from falling off the bed.

Instructional video

Who needs the Baby GRASPER?

Any parent or guardian who's afraid of their baby rolling and falling off the bed.

If you are visiting family/friends and they don't have a crib or pack n' play. 

Any parent or guardian who needs to keep their baby in a centralized location safely

If you are out of town in a hotel and you don't have or forgot a crib/pack n' play.

Any baby who naps on a firm mattress full size or larger.

Grasper_Waist and Rise_Harness_Rise.png
Grasper_Waist and Rise_Harness_Waist.png
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